About us

Hello from Norfolk!

Our head office is in Norwich, Norfolk.


That’s where the best potatoes are, and why we live there alongside the KETTLE® Chips factory. We’ve now been making snacks in Norwich for over 30 years!


We’re also growing fast! In 2016, we bought a popcorn factory in Wednesbury welcoming Metcalfe’s® Snacks into the KETTLE® Foods family and then in 2020 we bought snacks factory in Gateshead, bringing in Manomasa Tortilla Chips. Now we get to eat crisps, popcorn, ricecakes and tortilla chips on a daily basis. Perfection.

Quality is our Hallmark

Simply put, we don’t cut corners when it comes to making snacks.


That’s why our KETTLE® Chips are the nation’s favourite hand-cooked brand, known for their distinctively good crunch. Our chef-led seasoning development means that our chips are always seasoned with real food ingredients, free of added MSG and artificial flavours.


Investing in the Future

We don’t believe in standing still!


From building in new production capacity into our busy Norfolk site to bringing a popcorn production facility into our family, we’re always looking to the future of snacking. That’s why, in 2016, Kettle Foods Ltd acquired breakout popcorn category star, Metcalfe’s® Snacks and Manomasa Tortilla Chips in 2020.

Our Producers

We like to work closely with our producers to ensure the fairest deal possible – the KETTLE® Growers Group is a collaborative effort between our production team and our local growers.


They work alongside us to ensure that our potatoes, our relationships with them and our supply chain are the best they can be. Of course, when our farmers visit our factory, they always get to take home a box of the KETTLE® Chips they helped us to make.

Our Environment

We reduce waste wherever possible, and actively look for ways to be better to our environment.


Our water consumption has fallen by more than 30% over the last 10 years, we’ve even installed tanks for rain water harvesting. Over the same period we have reduced the energy it takes to make one bag of chips by 25%. All of our electricity now comes from renewables and when needed we recycle heat from our frying process to warm staff facilities.


Wherever possible we use recyclable and recycled materials. Our cases are 100% recyclable and the board used contains at least 68% recycled paper. We source these from suppliers who have full forestry chain of custody certification, which ensures sustainable sourcing.


Our used cooking oil is sent for conversion into bio-diesel and potato chips that don’t make it into the bag are turned into animal feed. We take the soil from potatoes to be re-used in composting and other waste is recovered as energy after processing into fuel.

The Feed

The Feed is a charity based close to the KETTLE® Chips factory in Norwich, which helps homeless and disadvantaged adults by giving them training in catering skills to increase their employability and self-confidence.


We partner with them so we can really make a difference locally. We fund places on their training programme and offer work experience as well as providing training sessions with our Chef, Phil, and helping raise awareness of The Feed’s valuable work to a wider audience.


Working with them on crowdfunding, we helped them to secure a market stall, and they soon went on to open up a community café, training centre and office on Norwich’s Prince of Wales Road. All their profits are invested back into helping The Feed support people off the street and into the kitchen.


For more information on how The Feed helps disadvantaged adults and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘feel-good food’, please visit their website.

Kettle Potato Intake Redevelopment


EDF Logo


We’re delighted to be the recipient of a £1m grant from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, which allows us to grow our business further in Norfolk.


This funding supports a £2.7m project to improve potato in-take at the Kettle Foods, contributing toward an additional building at our Bowthorpe location. This building will be able to handle extra volumes of potato, reducing damage and waste at the same time, and provide a new home for the Kettle Growers Group sampling and lab services.

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