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The brand which launched the original and iconic Sweet n’ Salt Popcorn in 2009, Metcalfe’s® was acquired by Kettle Foods in 2016. Against the backdrop of a category that has grown by 11% in the past 3 years alone, Metcalfe’s® continues to shine and is now a snack of choice in most major supermarkets and many independent stores.


Available varieties:

  • Sweet ‘n Salt
  • Sea Salt
  • Cinema Sweet


Available sizes:

  • 17/20g single packs
  • 70/80g sharing packs
  • 6 x 17g multipack (Sweet ‘n Salt)
  • 6 x 11g multipack (Sea Salt, Cinema Sweet)


Available varieties:

  • Strawberry Meringue
  • Toffee Apple


Available sizes:

  • 55g/80g sharing packs


Available varieties:

    • Milk Chocolate
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Yoghurt


Available sizes:

  • 32g single packs (2 ricecakes inside)

Mini Ricecakes

Available varieties:

    • Milk Chocolate
    • Dark Chocolate Orange
    • White Chocolate


Available sizes:

  • 16g single packs (4 mini ricecakes inside)

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